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Sticking a logo on t-shirts, websites, social media accounts is not the extent of branding. Over the years, the word brand has evolved into something a lot more. Your brand is not just the name of your company. Instead, it refers to the feeling that it invokes in people when they encounter it.

It is a part of your story that engages people and makes meaningful connections by appealing to their interests. Your brand is how people on the outside look at and perceive your business and what it does.

At Volar Agency, we aim to establish and rejuvenate branding that not only connects your target audience to you, but it also distinguishes you from the competitive noise surrounding you.

Marketing, research, web design, and creative capabilities are consolidated into a multifunctional team that gets your branding right from the start. With our expertise and your company’s unique story, we can create branding solutions that are applicable across all your owned, paid, and earned channels.

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At Volar, we start from scratch. We believe that a strong foundation of basic branding considerations is necessary for adding further elements that elevate your image to a distinct level.

Our goal is to establish your presence in digital and conventional marketing spaces, gaining your brand recognition from your target audience. Ultimately, we aim to generate qualified leads, loyal customers and boost your bottom line.

From the fonts and color scheme to the style of content and the packaging for your products, we take care of all the details while you define the intricate details of your brand identity. We will help you nail your branding from the ideation phase, ensuring it truly represents the essence of your business’s personality.

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To forge a strong brand image, we devise a strategy that guides all future communications and marketing efforts. Through a collaborative effort with you, we can help you determine:

Visual Identity

Visual Identity

Humans are visual beings. How your brand appears visually will be the first impression they receive, making it a critical aspect of your brand image. We articulate your brand’s personality through the logo design, font styling, imagery, iconography, and color schemes, etc. to give your brand a unique makeover. The goal is to visually separate you from the competition while making your brand identity memorable for strong brand recall.

Brand Voice

Brand Voice

Your brand voice comprises the slogans you use, the tone of the content on your website, and how you communicate and interact with your target audience. Your brand voice is how you turn prospects into paying customers while establishing a long-term relationship with them.



Your business’s visual identity and brand voice are the pillars on which you establish your brand image. Taking an omnichannel approach, we use your brand voice to create campaigns that resonate with the audience and compel them to convert into a paying customer.

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Individuality within the digital marketing landscape is necessary for staying ahead of your competition. With Volar’s proficiency in marketing, design, web development, and branding, you can plan your way to a strategic brand launch without a hitch.